The Dragon

Red Paddle Co Racing are proud to announce the evolution of competitive SUP team racing.

Mixing the intensity of racing with the camaraderie of team spirit, the four-person Red Dragon is the world’s first dedicated global team racing concept.

At 22 feet long, 34” wide and 8” thick, the Red Dragon is a world apart from any other board on the market. Built using industry leading MSL© technology, The Red Dragon is exceptionally light, rigid and is as easy to transport as a checked bag on a plane.

Through constant innovation the Red Dragon is a showcase for the possibilities of inflatable technology. The board is fitted with eight lateral handles for easy handling and explosive race starts, whilst the giant dragon graphic emblazoned across its extra-large, high grip deck-pad warns off any rival teams who don’t want to get smoked!

In conjunction with the launch of the Red Dragon, Red Paddle Co have launched the Dragon World Championships. Taking place in Barbados on 28th – 30th October 2017, the Championships will see action taking place over the course of three days, and be unlike any SUP event you’ve ever experienced, mixing fast, fun racing with a party vibe like no other.

Each race will vary in length and format, and has been designed to test team camaraderie, co-ordination, and determination as much as flat out speed and power. There will be several divisions enabling people of all ages and abilities to take part including, mixed, women’s, men’s and family team categories. With celebrations and entertainment throughout the day and running on late into the night, the Championships are set to be the ultimate paddleboard event.

To kick start the racing on Sunday 29th, and in addition to the main event, there will be a 10km downwind race aptly named, The Dragon Run. The race will be open to experienced teams only, who will battle it out through rough seas and strong currents to be crowned the victors.

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The Red Dragon is the ultimate team racing paddleboard. With eight arms driving through the water it will reach an incredible rate of knots. Designed to take on any hardboard it will smoke any competitor in your tracks.