Protecting our waterways and reducing the impact on the environment by eliminating as much single use plastic is key for us. For this reason, we aim to run the event in a sustainable manor.

Carbon Off-Setting

In partnership with Starboard SUP we are committed to off-setting the carbon footprint of the event by the planting of mangrove trees. To do this, we ask all participants to provide information on their journey which we then submit to Starboard who will then calculate the carbon footprint and plant trees on our behalf. To find out more about this please visit their website here.

Sailors for Sea

Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana is the world’s leading ocean conservation organization that engages, educates and activates the sailing and boating community toward restoring ocean health.

Boaters see firsthand many of the issues that our oceans face, from pollution which fouls their playground, to overfishing and habitat destruction, which threaten marine life and the source of food for billions of people around the world. Through our solution-oriented programs, we unite a core constituency of sailors and boaters, nearly 12 million strong, whose support helps to win victories to save the world’s oceans.

Working with Starboard SUP, the Head of the Dart SUP Challenge was awarded a GOLD Level certification from Sailors for Sea in 2022. To read the report, click here