Refund Policy and Administration Charges

Refund Policy

We appreciate that circumstances can change after paddlers have registered however to run the event, we have numerous expenses that cannot be recouped if paddlers pull out or the event is cancelled.

Event Organisers Cancel

If the event organisers (SUP Event Management Ltd) have to cancel the event, refunds will be discretionary once expenses already incurred have been paid.  Expenses occur from February onwards ad all refunds will be subject to PayPal fee charges.

Paddlers Cancel 

If a paddler cancels, refunds will be offered as below:

More than 1 months’ notice Full refund OR transfer of place to the following year
4 to 2 weeks’ notice 50% of entry
Less than 2 weeks’ notice No refund

Requests must be submitted via email to and all refunds will be subject to PayPal fee charges.

Changes Policy

Due to the amount of administration required to run an event of this scale, there is a cut off point for when we allow changes** to registration data.  This is due to bibs and bib colours are allocated based on category as well as our timing app being set up in advance, which means it is not a simple task of simply adding someone in or changing categories.  These changes can have a large knock on effect.

We will always try to accommodate changes however there is a cut-off point as we have to be able to deliver the event.

All paddler details will be locked 1 week prior to the start of the event, meaning NO CHANGES will be possible from 5pm Friday 22nd April.

**Changes are defined as moving between a category (e.g. 12’6 to Leisure)