The Start – Dartmouth to Totnes

2023 will see the start taking place in the bustling town of Dartmouth, home of the Britannia Royal Naval College. The start line will be upstream of the Higher Ferry (left from the slipway when looking from Dartmouth). It will be somewhere near the position in the picture below and will be highlighted in the briefing.


When launching take care to avoid the ferry and do not use the beach to the left of the ferry slipway:  this is out of bounds. All SUP competitors should take to the water fifteen minutes before the start and begin to assemble in the holding area behind the start line. No-one should cross the start line in the final minute, otherwise they will not be included in the results.

Remember the chain ferry is in close proximity and presents a considerable risk to unwary paddlers.  Also be aware Dartmouth is a working harbour and there are likely to be boats using river, particularly towards the middle of the river.

The provisional start sequence, separated by three minutes:

  • 1200 – Leisure Fleet
  • 1230 – 12’6 Race Fleet
  • 1233 – 12’6 Red Sport Race Fleet
  • 1236 – Women’s 14′ Race Fleet
  • 1239 – Men’s 14′ Race Fleet
  • 1242 – Dragons / Unlimited

Safety boats will be in the vicinity to direct paddlers to the appropriate area.

By separating the board classes we give serious racers the chance of a “clean” getaway with less chance of ramming or bumping from those around them. It’s also less intimidating for first-timers and less-confident paddlers.

Despite the separate starts, everyone will be timed accurately for the course distance so when results are published, comparisons can be made between friends / family etc even if they’re paddling in different board divisions. Results will be announced in the prize-giving at Totnes Rowing Club within 1 hour of the last finisher crossing the line. Full list of timings will be published on this site within 2 days of the event.

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