The Head of the Dart draws competitors  from far and wide to take part in a unique and special race. It  sounds like they’ll all be back for more!

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To Fiona and all the brilliant organisers and helpers for HoTD, 

A huge thanks for such a brilliantly run event.
Thought you guys did an amazing job of managing the forecast, making good decisions and helping people to understand why.
The race briefing was spot on at setting the tone with so many leisure paddlers in the group. This then played out on the course as people offered encouragement to each other, keeping each other going in whatever weather came our way. 
Fab to have spot prizes for the leisure fleet. Sends out out a positive message that it’s not just the winning that counts. 
I was down with a bunch from the New Forest and we all had a great time. A few had never done anything like this and were super nervous! They all were really pleased with what they achieved.
– Kaz White, New Forest Paddle Company (2018)

“The Head of the Dart can be summed up as a meticulously well organised race that is welcoming and inclusive – great paddling in a beautiful part of the country!”
– Julia Crocker, Bray Lake SUP Club (2013)


“One of my first big events but I have to say one of the best . Not only could I test my limits as a racer but It was really good fun as well : such a picturesque paddle in stunning country side . There is a real sense of camaraderie too amongst the competitors, especially once you break off into little race packs . I can’t wait to do it again this year !”
– Chris Kenyon, Central SUP (2013)


“An awesome first distance race – beautiful scenery, a great atmosphere in a big SUP field and definitely a considerable personal achievement. Looking forward to upstream this year!”
– Lucy Pearce, SUP North (2013)


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. HOTD 2015 was my very first SUP race. I would like to thank the organisers for a great event. Everyone was cheerfull and quick to help out. I really enjoyed the day but missed the results unfortunately as I had a long drive and very early start on Monday. I will be back next year for another excellent event, Thank you

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