Start info

2017 will see the start taking place in the cultural market town of Totnes.  The start line will be straight opposite the Dart-Totnes Rowing Club.

When launching take care on the slipway and don’t leave any trip hazards for other people launching.  Go afloat fifteen minutes before the start and begin to assemble in the holding area behind the start line.img_0506

Due to the flow of water each class will be held approximately 20m behind the start line and paddlers can only approach the line in the last 30 seconds prior to the start.
Any paddlers in the Elite race divisions over the line when their division’s hooter sounds will incur a two minute time penalty.

The narrow river width in Totnes dictates there will be three starts, separated by two minutes, here are the provisional times for 2017:

  • 12.15-12.20: All classes afloat
  • 12.30: 14’0″ Race class start
  • 12.32: 12’6″ Race class start
  • 12.34: Cruising, XL / Jumbo and Unlimited classes start together.  The XL / Jumbo boards must start on the extreme right hand side of the line.

Safety boats will be in the vicinity to direct paddlers to the appropriate area.

By separating the board classes we give serious racers the chance of a “clean” getaway with less chance of ramming or bumping from those around them. It’s also less intimidating for first-timers and less-confident paddlers.

Despite the separate starts, everyone will be timed accurately for the course distance so when results are published, comparisons can be made between friends / family etc even if they’re paddling in different board divisions. Results will be announced in the prize-giving at Unit 12, Halwell Business Park (TQ9 7LQ) at 16.30.   We aim to publish the full list of timings on this site on the evening of the event.