The event takes place on a relatively sheltered part of he Dart and the water is usually reasonably calm. However, all competitors must ensure their boards are seaworthy and follow all instructions of the race officer.

Some key points:
  • Leashes must be worn, regardless of conditions on the day. Spares will be available to purchase at registration for anyone in need of one.
  • The disclaimer must be signed and given in at registration either by the competitor or by parent/guardian 16 to 18 year olds.
  • Every competitor must attend the race briefing and fully obey the race officer’s instructions.
  • If a rider is in difficulty such as illness, fatigue or equipment failure, it will be necessary to attract one of the safety boats. The procedure is to sit or kneel on the board and wave both arms wide above the head.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual to assist fellow competitors if they are seen to be in trouble prior to the arrival of a safety boat. Alert the nearest boat if necessary.
  • Please be aware of the Higher Ferry in Dartmouth, which is in operation all day: do not take any chances. Also be aware of pedestrians and traffic in the area around Coronation Park.
  • Be aware of other water traffic and keep right to avoid collisions.
  • Overtaking paddlers should be respectful of those they are passing; remember other paddlers may not be experienced or confident on the board.
  • On completing the Head of the Dart course you will be directed by a marshal to the exit-point. Do not loiter in the finish area as it can cause a log-jam of competitors and boards!
  • If you’re a newcomer don’t be afraid to ask advice: stand up paddlers are generally a very friendly bunch and will be more than happy to pass on their knowledge. Best to ask earlier than the minutes leading up to the start though as some paddlers will be tuning in to “race mode”!

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