Entries for Head of the Dart Stand Up Paddle have grown dramatically in recent years but we wish to ensure it remains an inclusive, welcoming and fun eventWe recognise that some paddlers will like to paddle flat-out and race hard all the way to the finish while others will simply be cruising and enjoying the scenery. Therefore we will separate the fleets into “Racing” and “Leisure” categories with separate starts to ensure everyone can set off the start line amongst like-minded paddlers and not hinder or intimidate anyone paddling at a different pace!


The main fleet is known as the “Leisure” fleet.  With a separate start to the other classes, paddlers won’t have the pressure of the racers steaming past and will have time to take in some spectacular views cruising up the river. There is no restriction on equipment and no pressure to race hard! We acknowledge that some paddlers do not consider themselves “Elite” but still want to race against their friends and set the fastest time they can. Therefore in the Leisure fleet paddlers will be timed and ranked within board categories and riders will be added into a draw to receive product prizes from the event sponsors.  We would encourage anyone on a race board to enter the race fleet.

Here are the categories:

  • Leisure (male or female) – £30 entry
  • Unlimited (male or female)– all boards above 14′ – £35 entry
  • Racing N1SCO One Design (male or female) – paddlers racing on One Design boards £35 entry
  • Racing 12’6″ (male or female) all boards up to and including 12’6″ long – £35 entry
  • Racing 14’0″ (male or female) – all boards above 12’6″, up to & including 14’0″ – £35 entry

We welcome paddlers using boards in the Unlimited category – all boards over 14’0″.  If we receive sufficient entries in this division (greater than 10 in total, male & female) we will offer prizes.

Whichever class you’re in, if you just want to grab your gear and “go paddle” then Head of the Dart SUP will be just fine for you! Whether you’re aiming for the podium, gunning to beat your paddling buddy or simply looking to conquer the full eight miles, Head of the Dart offers a unique opportunity in stunning surroundings.



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