Group Bookings

With the event being so popular, places do sell out VERY fast (under an hour) and for this reason, the fairest way for places to be allocated is on a first come, first served basis.  As a result, we do not offer group bookings, however, we know that people may also be registering for others.  

To provide as much assistance as possible, have document what information you will need below.  If you are registering for multiple people, please be aware payment will be required for all at the point of registration.

We will have a waiting list, which we do use as people do drop out in the weeks between registration and the event.

Registration Information

  • Name
  • Email address
  • DOB
  • Make of board
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Emergency contact information
  • Event category – this is race (14’, 12’6, N1SCO), leisure fleet or dragon
  • Any medical conditions we need to be aware of
  • If it will be your first time taking part
  • If you will be using an inflatable
  • Consent for pictures to be taken and used by us
  • If you require a place on the coach (from the finish to the start before the event) – additional charge of £10
  • If you would like an event tshirt and size – additional charge of £15

To allow us to off set the carbon footprint of the event (details to follow), we need to know

  • Method of transport
  • If you will be sharing with others
  • How many miles you will be travelling

You will then be asked to agree to the event waiver – details below:

Event Waiver

By registering to take part in the event, you understand the nature of the activity and agree, that:

Paddler Ability

  • You have been Stand Up Paddle boarding for more than 3 months
  • You are proficient in Stand Up Paddling for paddling 8 miles on flat or slightly choppy water
  • You will comply with the commitment stated below.
  • You can swim unaided at least 50 meter’s


You acknowledge that any changes required to your entry must be notified in advance to the event organisers and no changes will be possible from the week before.  Admin charges may apply, please see our website for details. 


  • Our staff are trained and monitored to ensure they operate according to our safe work practices
  • Our safety boats and equipment will be in good working order
  • We have several safety boats along the course
  • Hazards and risks will be identified and communicated to participants before participants take to the water
  • A decision to any abandon the event due to bad weather will be taken no later than one hour prior to the start
  • A decision to alter the course due to bad weather will be taken no later than 48hrs before the event
  • We will do everything possible to ensure there is an event, even if it means shortening the course. The event has numerous expenses that cannot be recouped even if no paddling takes place. Should there be a cancellation we will offer a refund at our discretion after expenses (such as boats and fuel) have been paid. 


  • Participants will actively take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Participants must disclose any medical conditions
  • Participants agree to stop paddling and assist any fellow paddlers that may be in need of assistance if safe to do so
  • Participants agree to abide by the expertise of the organisers and their staff
  • Participants should be suitably attired for the event and prepared for potential immersion in cold water in the event of a fall. They should also ensure they are attached to their boards by a sturdy leash (compulsory) 
  • All participants must wear the numbered bib supplied by the organisers and not block the number with rash vests,  hydration packs or any other apparel

Under the Data Protection Act, I authorise the Organisers to file this information for the sole use of this activity. 


Whilst the organisers take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all participants of the activity, unfortunately accidents can occur. Each participant should familiarise themselves with the hazards and try to minimise these by complying with the Organisers risk management guidelines.  The Organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or injury resulting from any person’s accidents or injury caused by such accidents. Furthermore it is understood and agreed that individuals participate at their own risk and take responsibility for any third party liability insurance should they wish to have it.