Please find below some of the common questions we get asked about the event.


Can I register and collect by bib number in the week before the event?

Unfortunately this is not possible as the registration packs are not completed until 2 days before the event.

If my friend registered but is unable to make it, can I turn up and race in their place?

No, it is important that you notify headofthedartsup@gmail.com that you intend to take a friend’s place BEFORE registration opens.  This is to allow us to update our details as well as for you to agree and sign the terms and conditions.  An administration charge would also due – see here for details.

Once registration is open, no changes will be possible.

If I have registered and then decide not to take part, do I need to do anything?

Yes – you need to notify the registration team that you are no longer taking part and return your bib.  Any bibs not handed back could result in a fee being charged.

Categories and Age Groups

Is it possible to change my category on the day?

Altering categories not only requires bib numbers and colours to be changed but can also affect the bib number(s) of other paddlers.  To keep the event running to time this unfortunately this is not possible due to the significant administration overhead required.

Which boards can be used in the leisure fleet?

The leisure fleet is aimed at people who are not looking to race others but want to complete the course as a personal challenge – i.e just completing the distance in itself is a challenge.  As a result we do not put any restrictions on which boards can and cannot be used.   We would however highly encourage anyone with a race board to enter the race fleet.

Can the 1st leisure fleet be recognised?

Everyone gets to take home a finishers medal and as the leisure fleet is there for paddlers to complete as a personal challenge we do not offer prizes for completing however instead we do a bib number raffle for the leisure fleet.  We also provide timings for everyone.

Why are age groups not recognised?

Although we do not give prizes for age category positions, we do provide the information in the final results.  To add age category positions would also extend prize giving by quite a bit and we know that paddlers are keen to get away, particularly those that have traveled a fair distance.


If I would like to volunteer and help rather than race, can I?

Yes! We would more than welcome anyone who is able to volunteer to help on the day.  Fair warning, it is an early start and long day, however very much enjoyable!  Please email headofthedartsup@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer.

Can I take part as a prone paddler / kayak / ski / outrigger / boat?

While demand to take part in the event from regular paddler boards remains high, the Head of the Dart SUP Challenge will stay as Stand Up Paddle Boarding only.  If demand drops, then we may look at adding other categories / craft.

Why is there a gap between registration closing and the start of the event?

The team running registration are also the same team who do the results and need to get to the finish and set up before the first paddlers are back.   Waiting until after the start would not give them enough time.

If we have more volunteers to help on the day, this can be reviewed.

Why is there a gap between the finish and prize giving?

We try and keep any gap between the last finisher and the prize giving as short as possible and aim to run this 1hr MAX after the last paddler has finished.  For those who finish the course quickly, it does mean they may have to wait a bit longer for prize giving.

Once the last paddler has finished, a manual cross check of bib numbers is performed before the results are written up.   Where possible, we will bring prize giving forward on the day.

Can you not use GPS / chip timers and tracking devices?

We have begun investigating this however at present the cost of implementing would potentially mean adding £15-20 per entry ticket for every paddler, which we do not believe people would be willing to pay.  In addition, there are technical challenges that need to be covered like the lack of power at both locations for the start/finish.

If your question is not answered by the above, please do not hesitate to email headofthedartsup@gmail.com and we will aim to answer all queries.