Our Ethos

Paddler safety comes first – with paddler capabilities ranging and challenging water conditions (depending on the weather), we will never run the event in conditions that could be dangerous, and will ensure that appropriate water safety cover is provided.  

Protecting the environment – as water lovers we all have a responsibility to protect our waterways.  Where possible, we will reduce and/or eliminate single use plastic and reduce the amount of paper used and by working with our sponsors will look to offset the carbon footprint. 

Inclusiveness – we want to make the event open to as many as possible and encourage those new to the sport to take part.  Whether you are looking at taking part in the leisure fleet; for the first time or returning to race, we will make sure there is something for everyone.

Our ask of you

  • Treat everyone with respect, follow the advice and instructions given to you by the event organisers.
  • Support others taking part – whether that is encouragement on the water or cheering on from the side. 
  • Be able to paddle unaided for 14 km in choppy conditions, within 3 hours – consider spending the winter months practising, training and possibly undertaking a coaching programme over the winter months to prepare for the event.

Our Commitment

  • We will communicate with you in advance all necessary details and will respond to queries in a timely manner.   Any decision to alter the course will be communicated 72 hours before the event.
  • We will ensure our safety providers (water & land) have the appropriate training and insurance.
  • Provide timings for everyone, regardless of category.
  • Provide details of any risks and hazards identified at the safety briefing
  • Ensure our suppliers and sponsors follow a similar ethos and where possible, support local businesses.