Race Day info – UPDATE

We just want to give you a few details to make the day run as smooth as possible for you. Click “Keep Reading” BELOW to read all the info. Everything is looking great for the race and the weather forecast is calling for perfect racing and cruising conditions.

The postcode for the Totnes Rowing Club where the race is starting is: TQ9 5AL

Registration – From 12.00   –  Registration and collecting of numbers opens at midday.  Please look out for a Dittisham Boats branded Smart Car that we will endeavour to park as close to the Rowing Club (in Totnes!) as possible.  Registration will close at 1.30pm when there will be a Safely Briefing.  We would like everyone to be on the water at approx 2pm for the start of the race at 2.15pm.

Please make sure you have printed and read a copy of the registration form which you have signed and emailed back to Lucy Swash lucy@captiva.co.uk  or bring with you to hand in at the registration desk when you pick up your number. If you have yet to receive your copy of the form then you can download it from HERE

Briefing         – 1.30pm

Start Time    –  2.15 pm

Cruising paddlers are expected to take in the region of 2 – 2.5 hours to complete the course. Racing class paddlers are expected to take between 1hr 10 and 2 hrs to complete it. Please pay attention at the safety briefing so you don’t make any wrong turns! We will have safety boats following the paddle, in case anyone gets in any difficulties. Please stay with your board at all times.

Unfortunately for health and safety reasons no Under 14’s are permitted to take part in the race this year and any Under 16’s will need an adult with them. The accompanying adult will need to counter sign the Disclaimer Form to say they will take full responsibility for them on the water.

The Start

There is a big slipway at the start. It will be busy with rowing boats so please enter the water and paddle quickly upstream and wait upstream of the rowing club building (towards the town) until you are beckoned to move towards the start line. There will be 5, 2, 1 minute sound signals.

The Finish

The river straightens and widens at the finish point. There is a large chain ferry that crosses the river just upstream of the finish so keep your eyes open to judge your course across it’s path. The finish boat is moored in the middle of the river. Keep paddling until you hear a sound signal that signifies that you have crossed the finish line. Cruising paddlers will also need to cross the finish line so that your numbers can be marked off the list, and we know you are back safely. Once you have crossed the line, please make your way to the large slipway upstream of the finish. This is the slipway for the higher ferry so please get out of the water and clear the slipway quickly to avoid getting in the way of the ferry.  Slower paddlers may arrive at the same time as the rowers, who need to lift their boats out. Please be considerate to all.

Once you are at the top of the slipway cross the road and walk into the large green/boat park.

Returning to the start

If you are a SOLO PADDLER and wondering how to get back to Totnes, we suggest that after the Safety Briefing you make it known that you are looking for a lift and hopefully someone with some space will come forward.  Alternatively, the X81 First Bus leaves from the centre of Dartmouth (opposite the Boat Float) at 4pm, 5pm and 6.20pm.  Another option is to drop your vehicle off in Dartmouth in the morning and then jump on one of the e River Boats back up to Totnes for the start (ensuring you have already dropped off your board!).


The forecast for Saturday here in beautiful South Devon is SUN, SUN, SUN and hardly any wind….perfect.  However this does mean that hydration will be key to help you the paddle, so please ensure that you have sufficient water onboard as you paddle down the river and sun tan lotion is highly recommended.

That’s all for now. Lets all work together to make the event a great success.

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